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  The Sunday Worship Service is 10:30AM - Noon.
      Fellowship hour immediately follows the service.

In 2018, Eastminster is offering A Year-long Celebration of Jesus' Life and the Men and Women Who Helped Shape It with 16 additional services to learn more about Jesus and how to learn and teach His way.  As we are called to be disciples and apostles, Jesus is our principal teacher.  We must also learn from many others in Scripture who lived as imitators of Christ. In this year where we acknowledge and celebrate Jesus' life, we also celebrate the men and women who helped shape it, and thereby help shape our own lives of faith. We invite you to join us throughout the year at these additional services you'll find listed here

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Our pastor, Paul Roberts, who is away on a sabbatical, sent this letter which was shared during a service, expressing his thoughts and prayers for the city and people affected by the shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue:

Dear brothers and sisters,

I was in Washington DC when word was starting to spread about a mass shooting in our city. I join you in praying for our brothers and sisters of Tree of Life. We stand in solidarity with our Jewish neighbors in condemning this terrorism and anti-semitic action. When will we understand that God is love not hate? When will we understand God is peace, not violence? When will we understand that God cares for the sick, the downtrodden, those treated unjustly? Let us spend a moment in silence and cry and mourn for the senseless loss of life.

Love you all.

- Pastor Paul

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Praying In The Pews

One Big Story

Hanging Of The Greens

One Big Story, a weekly program for elementary-aged kids running from Wednesday October 3rd-December 12th, highlights key stories in the narrative of the Bible. The goal is to give kids the opportunity to hear the Bible as one big story, because that's what it is! The program helps them understand how all of history revolves around the birth/life/death/resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every class will include dinner, a Bible lesson, and a game or craft associated with the lesson for the day. 

Come and help us prepare our sanctuary for the Advent and Christmas seasons at Hanging of the Greens, Wednesday November 28th from 6:30-8:30 PM. First we'll have dinner together at 6:30 pm. Then we'll decorate our trees, altar, fellowship hall and other areas of the church..

You are all welcome to come to the Chapel, Thursdays, anytime between 5:30-7:00 PM to join with others in prayer over our ministry to the community and the body of Christ in the city of Pittsburgh.