A Christ-Centered and Intentionally Cross-Cultural Church Family.


Latest Events

With the new year just beginning, there are a lot of wonderful things happening at Eastminster Church! Our upcoming events page has descriptions of all sorts of events that will soon be upon us!  Give that link a click and look at what is coming up in the life of this church in the coming weeks and months!



Eastminster Church is all about Worshiping God, together, as one church family, and there are several ways that you can connect and become a part of our wonderful worship services! Whether young or old, there are various ways that you can join in and help bring forth praise to our glorious Lord and Father! Give that link a click to read up on all the ways that Eastminster sets out to praise Him, with instruments and voice!



The Lord has been doing some amazing work in our church family. And we feel that it is important to share that with everyone, new and old! Take a gander at the Testimonials page, filled with thoughts from various people who have attended to the gatherings and events here at Eastminster. It will give you a real honest look at how God is shaping and molding the lives in our congregation

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