"Intentional" is the key word that describes Eastminster's Life groups.

Life Groups, a small group ministry of Eastminster Church, are an essential part of our mission of living as a Christ-centered, cross-cultural family.

Eastminster’s cross-cultural call is both radical and biblical. It’s a fulfillment of the diversity that God pronounced "good" at creation.

It’s also a picture of our future life together, when every tribe and nation is gathered around the throne of God.

Racial reconciliation is at the heart of Eastminster’s family life. Jesus reconciles each of us to himself and he is the only one who can overcome our racial history to reconcile us to each other.

Life Groups are opportunities to learn to live as reconciled people in authentic Christian community. They take us farther and deeper by building on the friendships that begin when we share a pew on Sunday morning. Life Groups create space and time for us to share the lives we live Monday through Saturday.

Life Groups are intentional about...


Learning to love, value, fail and forgive each other requires commitment and a willingness to be vulnerable as others learn—even if the going gets rough.


Each group aims at racial diversity in its leadership and membership. Groups are usually diverse across race and ethnicity, economics, education and age.

Growing in Christ

Every group meeting includes prayer, sharing, table fellowship and study of a book of the Bible, a theme in scripture or a book that talks about biblical ideas. Outside of meeting times, group members support each other and serve together in other ministries once or twice a year.


Groups meet twice a month in homes. Group members covenant to be present and to hold each other accountable (lovingly!) to attend. There’s just no substitute for time together when it comes to developing relationships.

Questions or More information

If you would like to speak to someone or to get more information about Life Groups you can contact Rev. Aaron Teter:
Email: ateter@eastminsterchurch.net
Phone: (412) 361-7788 ext. 104