Light Up Night is Estminster’s celebration of The Creator visiting our planet, better known as Christmas, an event that we may have been too used to… an incredible happening but true, our Lord God out of love became one of us

He (Jesus) always had the nature of God,
    but he did not think that by force he should try to remain equal with God.

 Instead of this, of his own free will he gave up all he had,
    and took the nature of a servant.
He became like a human being
    and appeared in human likeness.
He was humble and walked the path of obedience all the way to death—
    his death on the cross.

 For this reason God raised him to the highest place above
    and gave him the name that is greater than any other name.
And so, in honor of the name of Jesus
    all beings in heaven, on earth, and in the world below[
    will fall on their knees,
and all will openly proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord,
    to the glory of God the Father.

- Philippians 2:5-11 GNT

In Light Up Night we gather together as a church and a neighborhood around live nativity scenes, and enjoy praise music and dance as we share hot food on a winter night. Without your presence our celebration will never be the same. Please join us and invite your friends!

This Year

Along with our usual traditional holiday music, live nativity (with animals and a manger), the Eastminster Praise Team, Nikki Porter and friends, we will be graced with special guests: American Idol semi-finalist Adam Brock, and comedienne Sherri Lynn Johnson!

Below are videos of previous years highlights of Light Up Night and the manger construction.